20.11.14 – Philipp Rathmer again shot almost every member of staff of the well known Bullerei restaurant. Every year Philipp portraits the nearly 100 associates. The images are hanging on the walls at the Bulleri. A special token gesture to value every staffer, the work and team play.

Hans van Brakel · Marie Claire

19.11.14 – There is always a reason to celebrate, we just have to find it! Hans van Brakel for example is celebrating the autumn, with a wonderful fashion story for the Dutch Marie Claire. Images full of happiness, love and fun which are not only warming our hearts but also brightening our mood in this pre-winter weather.

Client: Marie Claire NL
Styling: Marjolein Mos
Hair & Make Up: Judith Neyen for Chanel c/o NCL Reps
Models: Romi c/o Paparazzi // Marc c/o Republic Models


17.11.14 – Leo Krumbacher shot a new Hair & Style series. The Images feature modern and cool hair cuts, fashion and personalities.

Hair: Herbert Ploenes & Nino Allegro
Make-Up: Nino Allegro
Styling: Josepha Rodriguez
Postproduction: Retouched-Studios


14.11.14 – Serge Guerand shot the image campaign for the fragrance Possess by Oriflame. It is a launch of the new luxurious perfume for women. Announced as a sensual and hypnotic fragrance of a graceful seductress, it is inspired by the legend of Cleopatra and Mark Antony. The composition belongs to the category of chypre floral fragrances with fruity additions.

Client: Oriflame


12.11.14 – Philipp Rathmer shot the new jewelry campaign for the fashion brand Review. A young and cool image with power.

Client: Review
Agency: MGDB
AD: Max Gadatsch
Hair & Make-Up: Jodi Gardner c/o Nina Klein
Model: Camilla Rosendal c/o Seeds


11.11.14 – Serge Guerand shot the new collection for the lingerie brand Valisère. Valisère Lingerie & Dessous unleash woman’s fantasies. Serge pictured the brand´s philosophy as a journey into a world that inspires and highlights the woman´s sensual side. A world, where she becomes “Femme”.

Client: Valisère
Creative Director: Carolin Hoyer
Art Buying: Gabriele Hoyer
Styling: Isabelle Baurdy
Hair & Make-Up: Laurent Mole
Model: Charlie Marie Dupont c/o Women Management
Production: Bellanopolis


10.11.14 – For the swedish ELLE Decoration edition N°5 Jonas Ingerstedt shot a new interior series. They are another inspiration for a modern and very pure way of living.


07.11.14 – Florian Sommet shot a wonderful high class close up series. A free work for beauty and cosmetic inspiration.

Hair & Make-Up: Claudia Creuels
Styling: Jana Sommet
Model: Kiki c/o Place Models
Postproduction: Valentina d’Ettore

Emir Haveric · Volkswagen Think Blue

06.11.14 –  “Future for everyone. Innovation for everyone” is the claim of the new e-mobility campaign that Emir Haveric recently shot for Volkswagen. Beside the Volkswagen e-cars XL1 , e-up! and e-Golf the leading characters of the campaign are William Shatner and Leonard Nemoy, better known as Captain James T. Kirk and Mr. Spock from the TV series “Star Trek” who left their starship Enterprise and came the long way down to L.A. The three VW e-cars were shot in the sweet light of the blue hour, the time of confusion and mystery, since it is impossible to determine whether it is night or day. And he was honored to be able to shoot as well the portraits of the two celebrities who are more than that legends. Together with these two famous faces looking down from space the campaign is telling us “time for the mobility of the future”.

Agency: DDB Berlin GmbH
Creative Director: Anika Kempkensteffen
Post Production: Zoot


05.11.14 – Robert Grischek shot the new campaign for DMAX which is a private television broadcasting station which emits straightened reports, documentations, real Life programmes and lifestyle magazines particularly on male spectators. Robert captured humorous real life moments in front of the TV being captivated and bounded on the couch.

Client: DMAX
Agency: Dokyo
Hair & Make-Up: Agnesha Kollien c/o Klaus Stiegemeyer
Styling: Séraphine de Lima c/o Bigoudi
Models: Armanda Barten c/o Model Management
Nicholai Fischer