Dirk Messner · Guido Maria Kretschmer

01.10.14 – Dirk Messner photographed the spring and summer collection 2015 of the german designer Guido Maria Kretschmer. Guido Maria Kretschmer is famous for beautiful and elegant dresses. Dirk Messner put these dresses perfectly in scene by a beautiful location, a great model and last but not least his perfect eye for the right moment.

Client: Guido Maria Kretschmer
Hair: Andre Märtens
Make Up: Astrid Jerschitz
Model: Anastasia Bondarenko c/o Modelwerk
Post Production: sevengreen

Philipp Rathmer · Oral B

30.09.14 – Philipp Rathmer met the german entertainer Barbara Schöneberger and the actor Florian David Fitz to photograph the latest campaign for Oral B. The pretty entertainer and the charming actor are the new testimonials for the leading producer of qualified dental care products.

Client: Oral B
Models: Barbara Schöneberger & Florian David Fitz

Robert Grischek · Audi Magazin

29.09.14 – In the city of Rotterdam Robert Grischek photographed the new Audi S1 Sportback for Audi magazine. Sporty and innovative design meets pure driving pleasure, as the S1 is a truly urban power package!

Client: Audi Magazin
Agency: Loved
Creative Direction: Rouven Seinke, Mieke Haase
Production: NU Projects
Post Production: Primate Postproduction

Stephanie Pfriender Stylander · Schön!

26.09.14 – Here comes another fabulous fashion story by Stephanie Pfriender Stylander. This time for Schön! Magazine.

Client: Schön! Magazine
Stylist: Emily Bess
Make Up: Robin Schon c/o Utopia
Hair: Menelaos Alevas c/o Atelier Management
Manicurist: Tee H
Model: Rose Cordero c/o New York Models
Production: Nann Patridge c/o NLP

Lado Alexi · Roeckl

25.09.14 – Lado Alexi photographed a new fashion campaign for the autumn and winter collection of Roeckl. These great accessories like gloves, scarfs and bags let us look forward to the upcoming cold season of the year!

Client: Roeckl
Hair & Make Up: Natalie Franz c/o Nina Klein
Styling: Christine Bierhals c/o fame agency

Serge Guerand · Sportalm

24.09.14 – Sportalm is an Austrian fashion label that is based in Kitzbuehel. The fashion of Sportalm is always focusing on international flair combined with local traditions. The latest campaign that is also published in the Magazine of Sportalm was photographed by Serge Guerand. Take a look on the beautiful pictures and the start of the winter season won’t be that bad – promised!!

Client: Sportalm

Klaus Merz · Bosch

23.09.14 – Klaus Merz photographed new campaigns for the manufacturer of power tools Bosch.

Client: Bosch
Agency: Jung von Matt
Art Director: Thore Hoffmann
Hair & Make Up: Maike Albeck c/o Liganord, Rebecca Hermann c/o Liganord & Astrid Glänzel c/o Liganord
Styling: Sue Dietz c/o Liganord
Model: Sven c/o Mattmüller Casting, Mathias c/o Freistil, Uli c/o Wondercast, Wolfgang c/o Wondercast & Stephan c/o Procast
Set Building: Mike Martens c/o Atelier für Film & Werbung
Production: J&I Production
Studio: K-Studios

Philipp Rathmer · Summertime

19.09.14 – Slowly but surely autumn is coming. A good opportunity to pause for a moment and remember the long summer we had this year. Philipp Rathmer captured this wonderful summer in his free work “summertime”. With images that tell us about friendship and the feeling of lightness and love for life. Wonderful moments that we should definitely remember when the cold season has arrived.

Styling: Petra Langemeyer
Hair & Make Up: Daniela Vroesch c/o Liganord
Models: Alex, Ania, Lucette & Pablo c/o Modelwerk

Felix Lammers · Aikyou

18.09.14 – Aikyou is a designer for lingerie that is focusing on small breasts. They are very successful with their concept for more than 3 years now. Felix Lammers photographed the latest collection of the lingeries.

Client: Aikyou
Hair & Make Up: Sonja Shenouda c/o Bigoudi
Model: Petra Hegedus c/o Agence Oui

Lado Alexi · Tokio Hotel

17.09.14 – On 3rd of October the german band Tokio Hotel will release their new album called Kings Of Suburbia. Tokio Hotel is still one of the most successful bands in Germany and far beyond its borders. Lado Alexi met the band to take the pictures of the cover and booklet. The whole team did a great job and now we wish Tokio Hotel good luck with the new album!

Client: Tokio Hotel
Art Work & Graphic Design: Andrew Brawl
Hair & Make Up: Natalie Franz c/o Nina Klein
Styling: Jennifer Hahn