Leo Krumbacher

Born in the South of Germany, Leo had his first interest in photography at the age of thirteen. Everything related to photography took more and more his center stage. Art, cinema, photographic concepts and techniques as much as music and subculture.

He strives for startling images of not only models but girls with a soul, something specific instead of only flawless faces. That combined to his aesthetical vision of exposing the natural beauty of the woman with a certain patience and perfectionism to hit the spot.
After years of beauty and studio work he now enjoys traveling and leading his team into a light for the best image, every day, every hour.

Leo likes to shoot sensitive beauty pictures, as much as developing a veritable fashion story thru pictures with a subtle matter. He likes everything visual, the right music track and finding happiness in those he´s working with.

Leo´s work has been featured in magazines such as Elle, REVS, Amica, Annabelle, Cosmopolitan, Flair, Grazia, Tush, WWstil, SIstyle, Qvest, amongst others.