Serge Guerand

I was born in Anjou. My first popgun for Christmas I move to Loiret (France) My first job in a printing house
1969 First steps on the moon I am a hairdresser in Ibiza I travel to Katmandu
1975 Crossing of the Atlantic as team member on a sailing ship I travel to Saint-Barthelemy I travel to New York (love story)
1981 Fran├žois Mitterand’s election I travel to Brazil
1983 I meet Otto Weiser ( photographer) in Brazil. I start as his assistant I am back in Zurich (assistant) My father is not my father
1989 I am a photographer in Paris I build my house in the countryside
1994 Director for commercials (Telema)
1996 I get married
1998 tichka
1999 I start my travel diary
2001 Digital camera
2005 Web site
2006 180 000 kilometers of plane
2007 Tanzania exhibition in Rio de Janeiro (gallery 16.18)
2011 Ford Mustang 289CI V8 1968

Passion: My wife, wine, cooking, travel, cats, my garden and my three boys